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You Don’t Have To Face It Alone – by Denis O’Sullivan

Baby is there anything that I can do I couldn’t imagine what you’re going through 
I’ll always be here for you  That my sweet love i do  promise you 

Is there any way of knowing how it feels just to be alone  And every time I try to call  you never seem to be at home 

Is it that you don’t want me or do you want to be left alone  And if  life gets too much to carry then I won’t let you face it alone 

Let me to try and help you I know iIt can be difficult at times  And knowing  that you  have to face this on your own  I’ll always  be here by your side 

What I’m trying to say is when life gets too tough  And you have to face this on your own And if  you ever need someone to talk to  Then just call me on the telephone 

Just open your heart and let me love you and I promise I’ll never let you go
When all I want is to be with you and to love you forever more