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If you or someone you love is living with mental health challenges, we can help.

Shine offers information and support to individuals with self-experience of mental ill health as well independently providing support to family members, relatives and supporters of people living with mental health challenges. 

Individual Support Services . What happens when I contact Shine?

We understand that it may be difficult to ask for help if you are living with a mental health challenge, and equally so if you are supporting a person with lived experience. We are here to guide you in your recovery from mental ill health, and offer supportive, non-judgemental, mental health information. We do this mainly through phone and e-mail.    

We provide information on Shine supports, other appropriate mental health and community supports as well as information on mental ill health and understanding our HSE mental health services.  

We offer recovery planning and support that can help you identify how mental health difficulties are affecting your personal goals and challenges. All our supports will help you move forward with your mental health.

Group Support Services


We provide online and community based support groups that are co-facilitated with Shine peers and Shine team members or fully facilitated by Shine peers.  

These are safe spaces for people to come together and engage in their recovery through peer support and peer learning. If you are new to Online Support Groups and would like to find out more, you can download and view our  ‘Introduction to Online Groups Webinar here. 


Our recovery education and training programmes provide a supportive learning environment to explore and a supportive learning environment to explore and discover what recovery will mean for you and your life. They range from one day workshops to a series of sessions over a number of weeks or months.   

The focus of our programmes are wellness, personal development, goal setting and creating and maintaining support networks and relationships.  

Our team will be able to provide you with more information on training and education courses in your area.

Contact our Regional team for information on how to access these supports in your region.

Shine Resource Centres and services

Shine has three Resource Centres in Dublin, Cork and Waterford.

Shine Resource Centres provide a welcoming and confidential space where people can explore their experiences with mental health.

Can I attend a Shine Resource Centre?

Yes, you can attend a resource centre if you have lived experience of mental health difficulties. You can contact us directly or your local community mental health team can refer you to one of our centres.

What happens at the centre?

Many different activities take place every week in our resource centres. Examples include:

  • Recovery planning and support for individuals and groups
  • Recovery training and education courses such as Taking Control, Stress Management, Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, Health and Nutrition
  • Groups like art therapy, yoga, personal development
  • Drop-in recovery information and support service. This is only available to people engaged in one-to-one or group work in the centre.


With effect from 26th March 2021, Shine will no longer be providing a counselling service in Dublin or Cork.

We are currently working to ensure that present clients of our Dublin and Cork counselling services are supported in being redirected to the most appropriate alternative service.

Following on from this announcement, Shine will commence a full review of our confidential counselling services, to determine the shape of future services and work to ensure that such services are sustainable, in line with best practice and capable of meeting the identified needs of Shine’s clients.

About Shine’s counselling services

We provide a counselling service that supports individuals and family members affected by mental ill health difficulties.

Our experienced and accredited counsellors offer you a safe space to:

  • explore your experience,
  • increase self-awareness, and
  • improve your skills and knowledge to help your overall wellbeing.

The service provides short-, medium- and long-term supports depending on your needs.

How can I access Shine counselling services?

We apologise for any inconvenience caused; we are only accepting new referrals for our Waterford Counselling Service.

You can contact our counsellor for an appointment or for information by phone or email.

Confidential information and support

If you have a question, concern, or want to know more about Shine supports and services in your area, please contact us by phone or e-mail. You can find the details on our Contact Us page.