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Short Story by Aoife Burke

This is a story of a girl called Katie. She is a writer and on this day she sat in a busy cafe watching the

world go by.

She had to write a story for a magazine and she sat amongst strangers as usual, and tried to write

and focus on her writing.

People with families, couples, and loners like herself all out for the day were all around her.

There was laughter and chatter. The sound of dinner plates and cutlery. She writes a story and this is

the basis of her writing and the story

of her observations. She writes about "dreams" a poetic writing.


Dreams. By day or by night. When I sleep I never know what will occur. Will I have a pleasant dream

or a nightmare? During the day it is

easy. The mind wanders and I gaze up at the white fluffy clouds in the sky and imagine what it would

be like to fly among them.

I could fly a thousand miles in the sky and roam where ever the heart takes me. Alas I am earth

bound and gravity makes sure I stay there.

"I wish I could fly", by Roxette is still one of my favorite tunes and reminds me of college. And so I

daydream of another world where gravity

doesn’t hold me down and I am free to fly like a bird. Towards the sun.

In the recesses of the mind, throughout the pains of life, there is a twilight world. It exists in the

imagination. Blue grey and dark hues,

imagine being in a forest next to an isolated lake. The forest is flecked with dark beams of moonlight.

There are moonlight animals and giant

mushrooms big enough to sit on. There is a boat to take you across the lake and oars where you can

row yourself. In this oasis of tranquility

there are fireflies flying past and the sounds of crickets.

What a dream to set sail across this lake in the tranquility of near silence and just the twilight. The

water ripples beneath the boat and there

are rainbow colors. A tiny toad springs onto the huge mushroom. Could he be a king or a prince? As I

bend over to kiss it, I awake from my dream. "

She stops writing and looks around the cafe and makes mental notes of what she sees.

Cafe observation: sound of cutlery dropping chatter. Laughter. Music.

People reading. Eating, drinking. Low lighting warm room.

Waitress hurrying to and fro with plates full of food or empty.

Customer huddled together in groups. Pictures and photographs hanging on the wall. Tables waiting

to be cleared. Chairs pushed

back ready for next customer. The sound of register opening and closing and money changing hands.

People using napkins on mouth or on the lap. Candlelight flickering softly. The clatter of plates and

the hum of the dishwasher.

Clock ticking on wall chiming on the hour. The gentle glow of the alcohol taps. The rows of spirits

hanging upside down.

The mirrors making a room look bigger than it is.

Customers clad in jeans, runners and jumpers. Student vibe, leather bags draped over chairs. The

sound of ice being scraped

from an ice bucket. People come in from cold, huddled in their jackets and scarves. People read the

newspaper and check

their phones. Glasses stand half full, ready to be emptied into their owner’s mouths. The smell of

freshly prepared food

and the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Tapping her pen against her teeth as she tries to find a new


She decided to take the bus home and lies down in bed and starts to dream in her sleep:

In her dream she was at the shore line of a beautiful beach. She is wearing a blue chiffon dress and

beautiful blue jewelry. She decides to swim fully clothed and

goes swimming in the deep blue sea, diving beneath the water to admire the beauty beneath the

surface. She sees a shipwreck and decides

to go back to the surface as the seas and winds were a little rough.

As she was dreaming anything could happen and she goes horseback riding along sands and through


The path through the woods leads her to a graveyard. It is spooky and the skies were getting dark.

She finds her own gravestone in shock

and wakes up. She has dreamt the whole thing awoken by her dog on her bed. She submits her story for

publication a short time later and hopes for the best.