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Shine Recovery Fund

What is the Shine Recovery Fund?

The purpose of the Shine Recovery Fund is to facilitate a person with self experience of mental ill health to achieve some aim, which may be an educational, recreational or social activity and which may require a small amount of money to help him/ her achieve this purpose.

Applications must be for a recognised project where there is a clear need and benefit from undertaking it. Examples of projects, which might be supported include:

●     part payment or full payment of educational or training course fees.

●     contribution towards the development of a creative or artistic project.

●     contribution towards participation in a recreational activity.

●     contribution towards the purchase of an item which may assist the person in a creative, educational or work activity.

●     contribution to a project which enhances the person’s employment, self-esteem or presence in the community.

For information on conditions of application and to apply, click here.

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