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Run with all of your heart for The Basin Club

Written by Angelín Fanning

That morning I had mixed emotions, anxious would I complete the race, thrilled to be a participant and doing it for a wonderful cause.

I arose about 8am and faced into the day, ready for what lay ahead of me.  I checked the weather and I knew that the day predicted rain so after a shower I proudly wore my Shine tee-shirt and cropped tracksuit bottoms.  I had porridge for breakfast and tea, a healthy beginning for my journey ahead.  After mass and saying a prayer I set off for the race.

At 11.45am I arrived at the barrier for joggers.  I did some stretching exercises.  At 2pm the clock ticked and everyone started jogging.  I proudly ran the first 3km in 30 minutes with motivation and skill.  Weeks of practicing, running had made me feel now that I could keep going and was on my journey to the finishing line.

But my breathing was going against me and I knew I had to walk a little.  Some kind girl put her arm around me and asked me “Was I ok”.  Then in the distance I saw ‘Donnybrook Church’.  I knew now that with the help of God I could start jogging again and complete the race happily.

It is the little things in life like a friendly word and the slogan over the bridge “If you’re legs are tired run with your heart”.  I knew that I was ready for the remainder of the race.  So I dug deep in myself and before I knew it, I was on 8km.  Then the rain started.  At first the rain was very welcoming, it cooled us all down.  I knew I could run faster in rain than shine, so I took off like a rocket.  At Baggot Street Bridge someone shouted “Once up that hill the race is finished”.  When I heard that I ran with all that was in me and completed the race in 1 hour 26 mins and 10 seconds.

I received my heart shaped medal and proudly wore it, I know by digging deep inside me helped me achieve my time.

I would like to thank those who supported me for my cause the ‘Basin Club’.  Next year I would encourage others to walk, jog or run for the Basin Club.