Key Publications

An Amárach report on behalf of Just Economics

This research highlights the impact of language on perceptions of mental illness, revealing that certain words and phrases evoke more fear than others.

We do research and analysis on mental health and recovery, based on our expertise as supporters of people with mental health difficulties and their families. Download copies of our key publications here.

Empowering Voices, Driving Change, Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Shine’s Organisational Strategy 2023 – 2025 guides our directions and visions for the next few years. The aim is to create a more compassionate Ireland where those affected by mental illness and stigma are supported and included in all aspects of society.

Shine’s Creative Writing Competition “Speaking Words” winners book

“Speaking Words” is an anthology of written work centered around the theme of social isolation. The entire collection is penned by people that used Shine services throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns. The book also includes photographs taken by Dublin Resource Centre Photography Club.

An Amárach report on behalf of Just Economics

This research highlights the impact of language on perceptions of mental illness, revealing that certain words and phrases evoke more fear than others.

FRIENDS: Recovery Booklet

FRIENDS stands for Family Recovery Initiatives by Engaging, Networking and Developing Supports. FRIENDS is a partnership between family members, Áras Folláin, Shine and the Mid-West HSE. Family recovery is the process of becoming aware of how our behaviours and beliefs impact our relationships and quality of life. When someone practices family recovery, it can have a positive impact on everyone involved in our lives, in particular the person experiencing mental health issues.

FRIENDS Project Evaluation

The FRIENDS (Family Recovery Initiatives by Engaging, Networking, and Developing Supports) project was a pilot initiative that ran from November 2013 to March 2015. The FRIENDS Project was borne out of the Mid West ARI Project in attempt to meet the unique need for further support and inclusion of family members within the Mid-West Mental Health Services. The FRIENDS project was run by a partnership between SHINE, the HSE Midwest Mental Health Service inclusive of Midwest ARI (Advancing Recovery in Ireland), and the Peer Support Centre Aras Follain.

Grow Young: Summary Report

The mental health needs of older adults in Ireland have been scarcely documented. No previous study has investigated predictors of non-disclosure of a mental health difficulty to general practitioners or self-reported reasons for non-attendance at primary care in older adults in the Republic of Ireland. This study examines the reasons for non-disclosure of psychological distress of older adults in primary care.

Your Choice: Lifestyle, Medication and Recovery

This occasional paper is produced to aid both service users and their families in negotiating the best arrangement within the mental healthcare services.

Learning About Mental Illness for Children

This is a booklet to help you to understand more about what mental illness really is. It is specially designed for children whose parent, brother or sister are experiencing mental ill health.

Talking about Talking Therapies

In this document, a number of authors outline the arguments for psychological interventions. The reader will find a simple analysis of what psychotherapy is, followed by a discussion on how counselling and psychotherapy can work for carers of people with schizophrenia.

Supporting Life: Suicide Prevention for Mental Healthcare Service Users

The reasons why people die by suicide are many and varied and in many cases it is difficult to ascertain a precise reason. We do know, however, that certain at-risk groups are more likely to attempt suicide and these include people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. The purpose of this document is to encourage discussion around these at-risk groups and to suggest ways that we can assist in reducing that risk.

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