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Me – a poem by Matthew Tubridy


Down, down I go, into myself, into the depths, where everthing is grey.

I notice my slippery self, my brain is communicating with me with loudspeakers,

There is no one there. Just me.

I have split up like a broken mirror and the different parts are fighting. I walk over the broken bits but my feet turn to dust. The characters in my mind line up, the opposite of cheering, gaudy.

The grey is everywhere, what is the solution?

I see myself with no face, I can say nothing to myself. It is the characters that talk.

When I leave the teddy bears take over, shouting and screaming.

I am in a cardboard box, hiding, who do I want to be? They have taken over.

Out of the mountain, in the river is the quickest way. Down to a tranquil sea, where I am I, where I show kindness to myself.

There I am again, relieved to be out of the mountain with it’s creatures.

I lie on a raft on the sea, the weather is peaceful. At least I am here, I hear myself say.