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Participants required for social media experiment – Trinity College, Dublin

The Gillan Lab at Trinity College Dublin is looking for online participants for a brief experiment in predicting the onset of depression using Twitter. Our study aims to test if we can predict depressive episodes before they happen by studying how networks of symptoms (like mood and sleep) change as a person approaches the start of an episode. We are aiming to do this, using patterns of Twitter use and the kind of language used in Tweets.

The only formal requirements are that you are at least 18 years old, have been on Twitter for at least 1 year, and have at least 500 Tweets.

By clicking the experiment link below, you will be taken to the experiment’s home page. Please only use Chrome or Firefox and disable any pop-up blockers before continuing.

Should you require to contact the researcher for any concerns, please do so at

The link to the experiment is below: