Our programmes

See Change is a partnership of Irish organisations working together to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health difficulties. It campaigns for an Ireland where every person has an open and positive attitude to their own and others’ mental health.

We have 45 ambassadors with lived experience of mental health difficulties working with over 100 Irish organisations to change the perception of mental health difficulties in society.

We deliver programmes such as our Workplace programme. This is a six-step pledge that leads cultural change in workplaces. The pledge helps employers and employees feel supported and secure in starting a discussion about mental health.

We also run the Green Ribbon campaign every May. This awareness campaign aims to get people to wear a green ribbon and be open about talking about mental health to help end the stigma.

Headline is Ireland’s national programme for responsible reporting and representation of mental health difficulties across all media platforms. Many of society’s attitudes about mental illness have been shaped by what we have read, seen, or heard online or in print and Headline aims to improve them.

We promote accurate and responsible coverage of mental health related issues, including mental health difficulties and suicide in line with international media guidelines.

We deliver best practice workshops to media professionals and students across Ireland who work in this area. Go to https://headline.ie/education/ for more information on Headline workshops.

Headline staff are leading the way in improving the representation and reporting of mental health in the media.