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On Track in Carlow

On Track in Carlow


To the Talbot Hotel, in Carlow we go 

A brilliant Hotel, why change what we know 


A first trip for some, we will show them the way 

A tremendous 3 nights, with so little to pay 


So we arrive in Carlow, let’s do a head count 

Where is Francis? I can’t see her about 


She’s still on the train, to Kilkenny she’s bound 

It could be in the paper, for the lost and found 


We give her a ring, she was reading her book 

And never even bothered, out the window to look 


But she got the next train, and made her way back 

The trip once again, is now back on track 


So we look out for each other, that we all can enjoy 

This nice break of happiness and no need to cry 


We may have an illness, but we can live with it well, 

While together on this trip, other people can’t tell 


So it’s into the town, to stroll, chat and shop, 

The women love the charity shops and have both bought a top 


It’s a fine big town, with many things to see, 

We go to a museum, then the Liberty Tree 


To some it’s play pool, but I go for a scive 

I’ve just seen a horse in the 7.35 


I get 5 off each man and put the docket away, 

It will be a nice bonus and the bookies can pay 


So we all have our gear and we go for a swim 

One had a massage and went to the gym 


The food is superb, we are eating like kings, 

One breaks out in song and “The Phantom” he sings 


We even found time to go to the races, 

A brilliant wee course and we saw famous faces 


But I really did laugh at breakfast one morning, 

Nothing to do with Niall and his powerful snoring 


With cornflakes in his bowl and no milk did he add, 

And ate them like that, they will think we are mad 


But he gave a wee smile and said they are mine 

They may look dry, but to me they are fine 


That’s Johno the Boyo, always good for a grin 

Play him in chess, it’s him that will win 


So thanks to Shine once again, for another trip done 

And you’re not going to believe this, the horse went and won 


But the funniest thing and it really is ironic, 

Is the horse that we backed, was called “Psychotic” 


By Ged Burns