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Loving You

The hardest thing 

For me 

to do

Is letting go

And stop 

loving you 


Cause no matter

What we’re

Going through 

We should 

At Least 

Give it

One more try 


Sure we 

May of 

Said things 

That we 

might regret 

and I’m sure

In time 

it’s something 

that we both 

will forget 


But why

Are you

Giving up

On the love 

That we

Once shared

When you

Gave the 

Impression that 

You once cared


When the

Only thing

We have 

to do 

Is get together 

And talk 

It through

And I’m

Sure there’s

Something that 

We both 

can do

To make

it work 

This time 


Are you

Willing to

Take a

A chance 

Or do you

Want to end

Our sweet romance 


Or Should we 

gave it

One more try

So that

Neither of us 

Will have 

Have to

Say goodbye 


As I

Shed a

Lonesome tear

From my eye

As I 

Left you behind 


When the

Only thing

I want you 

to know

Is how much

I’ll always

Love you so


So Revoir my dearest friend

Until we may cross paths once again


And I’ll always cherish those moments that I spent with you

And when the time is right I’ll be here Waiting for you


Composed By:  Denis Michael O’Sullivan