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The Lady of the Lake – a poem by Eva Burke

The lady of the lake She

stood in shrouded beauty

On the emerald shores of

the lake all around her reeds

glistened with dew drops at

her feet None knew who she

was Or whos come to pass

She was a figure of twilight

with respect she visited last

the lake was her solace her

comfort it did keep misery

loves its mistress she was

one to see the night was

getting colder her breath

was an icy fog she treaded

softly along the waters edge

and sighed over her loss

yes a man had drowned

here so many moons ago

his name was Daniel as her

love into a spinster she would grow

Daniel never knew her love

she had come to say

goodbye Daniel drowned

through suicide She remembered

his last goodbye A prisioner of the

water he did die black

ravens circled over like

beasts in the sky Just a

watery grave beneath

symbolically these shores

did weep She took her

hankerchief to her face

and dabbed a tear stained

cheek what a figure she

did make None knew her

name or age Just the lady

of the lake