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Just another day in the life of a social drifter

Just another day in the life of a social drifter

John sits alone in the cafe. By himself. He smiles to himself. John is waiting. Quietly. He knows that nothing will probably turn up. Nothing happens. Much. All is quiet.

John don’t make no trouble, for no one. He don’t cause no problems. He don’t make no waves. He don’t cause no ripples. John is in his cave. At the mouth of his cave, he has hung a “Do not disturb sign”.
John is enjoying quiet time for himself. He contemplates his goals. He has none. Nothing realistic anyway. He waits. Just don’t rattle the bars of his cage.

Nothing much happens. Nothing much ever happens. Just another day. Another dollar. Peace. John has no big notions. He makes no plans. Once, he had plans. Once, he had Hope. Hope? Ha! Nothing ever changes. Not really.
All around him, people get on with their busy lives. Everyone is motivated. Everyone with somewhere to go. Somewhere to be. Something to do. Something, or someone to live for. To make it worthwhile. Not John. John sits alone. By himself. No one comes near. Just another day. His fingers tap restlessly on the table. He flexes them———stretches them.

Looks like rain. Grey skies. He may make a move at the end of the year. But, he has no immediate plans, no immediate goals. Nothing urgent, anyway. No expectations. That way, he is never disappointed, when nothing ever turns up.

His thoughts slip back to a simpler time and place. Memories of a time gone by. The wind blowing in his hair. What might have been? If only.

Ah Well!

Back at the cafe, John looks at his watch. Dinner time.

He could hear the busker in the street outside saying “I am trying to get into College or a Tattoo studio. I am self-taught. Yeah! I know, things are quiet at the moment. No one spending. No.”

The chap on the street continues to explain that he has a few people working for him. He is waiting for call backs. He is hopeful. A few coins drop into his hat. He counts his blessings. A lot to be thankful for. Some people have it rough.
With one small change, which need not be a big change, but the right change for him, John knows that —————————————- his thoughts trail away. The girl from Paris places the coffee in front of him.

Around this area, a regeneration is going on. New life is being injected by the younger set. The riverside cafes and a new bohemian culture, but not too alien. Exotic oriental eateries are expanding. New Life breathing hope! “It is better by far to be young at heart” said the background music.

ART4U. This was the name of his new-found restaurant. For a brighter future. Faith in human nature. He could feel his defences dropping. All ugly suspicions were beginning to slip away. John felt more at home in his new café, ART4U.

Liam O’Donnell
(Some people sing, some people talk. I write.)