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Be Creative, Learn more

Written By John Noel Kenneally

I am an artist and work with Mayfield Arts Centre, Newbury House, Mayfield, Cork. I have been there for four months. I do lots of art such as painting, drawing, pastels, etc. I held my first Art Exhibition in July 2017. I got to show all my drawings and pictures of lots of different people. It was great to have the members and staff of The Basement resource Centre Shine come and see my work. I began drawing when I was young and then I attended the Art group at The Basement Resource Centre whom supported my creativity by providing a peaceful atmosphere in a supported creative space. I also attended The Next Step and participated in their Art space which I found very rewarding as it gave me the space and time I needed to get my art finished. The Basement Resource Centre has supported me over many years as they believed in me.