Invitation to Tender for Consultancy Services: Comparative analysis – Workplace Mental Health Guidelines

Shine is a national organisation providing information and support for people affected by mental health difficulties. We support individuals and family members through: (i) individual and group work, (ii) counselling, training and education led by professionals and peers (people with lived experience of mental health difficulties or people who have lived experience of supporting a family member or relative). Shine is also working towards becoming a key influencer in the development and implementation of national mental health services policy, practice and legislation in Ireland, and the reduction of stigma and discrimination. See Change is the programme of Shine dedicated to ending mental health stigma.

See Change runs a workplace programme focusing on the need to support people with personal experiences of mental health problems in the workplace. The aim is to create a comprehensive and lasting change to the organisational culture of Irish companies and organisations in relation to mental health issues in the workplace setting, through challenging mental health attached stigma, preventing discrimination in the workplace and supporting managers and employers with legal and policy guidance.

Shine would like to embark on a project to advocate key political leaders and relevant government departments to make workplace mental health guidelines mandatory across Ireland (in the same way as health & safety guidelines were made mandatory). This project will be spearheaded by See Change.

In order to support this advocacy work, Shine is commissioning a consultancy piece with a twofold purpose:

  • To learn from other European countries that have made any elements of workplace wellbeing policies and frameworks mandatory and track and replicate their history of success.
  • (ii) Demonstrate the effectiveness of workplace wellbeing policies and frameworks on the working population in Ireland, through a comparative analysis of improvements in organisations that have wellbeing frameworks, policies and guidelines versus those that don’t employ any of these elements.

Consultant Specification

Shine encourages applications from individuals with lived experience of mental health challenges including employees service users, family members, friends or supporters.

It is recommended for the person hired to undertake this consultancy to possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline;
  • Demonstrated knowledge (through degree or experience) of key workplace regulations in Ireland;
  • Familiarity with disability and mental health policy and legislation;
  • Experience in conducting qualitative research including data collection through focus groups and interviews and analysis of qualitative data;
  • Strong writing and communication skills;
  • Strong relationship management skills;
  • Adherence to agreed-upon timeframes and deadlines


Shine will aim at finalising recruitment before the end of 2022.

The research should commence in Week beginning Jan 9th, 2023 and be completed in week beginning April 10th, 2023.


Click here to download and read the complete Terms of Reference – Mental Health in the Workplace


Closing Date for Receipt of Tender

The closing date for receipt of the Tender is 5pm on Friday 9th of December 2022.

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