Shine Summer Online Groups Coming Soon!

“All About Me”

 Shine launches a summer series of lunchtime workshops

Concentrating on your personal development, Shine will host a group for people with self-experience of a mental health difficulty and a group for relatives and supporters of people experiencing a mental health difficulty.

The summer series will consist of four sessions 

Week 1.  The Here and Now –

Week 2. What is going well in my life?

Week 3.  How am I feeling now at week three?

Week 4. “Connecting the dots going forward

Two Shine workers will facilitate each group online through Zoom. Groups will provide information and support through discussion.

Each group will run for four weeks and attendance at the first session is necessary.

There is a maximum capacity of 12 people per group.

A second series of groups will be run in late July.


Details on dates and how to register to follow.