Feel Good Friday Event – Lets Talk Mental Health and Self-Care

To mark World Mental Health Week 2020, Cork Community Services Work Stream of Connecting for Life are hosting an online FREE webinar event “Lets Talk Mental Health and Self-Care”, on Friday 9th October from 10am – 1pm.

The aim of the event is to explore Mental Health and Self-Care through a variety of interactive and creative means.  These will include: music, poetry, art, live interactive panel discussions and presentations with tips, tools and techniques that can be used to support your personal wellbeing and that of others.   

Key topics on the day will include a focus on resilience, inclusion, listening and being listened to as well as broadening our interests in life-long learning through creative arts.

Register for this FREE event through Eventbrite here

We need you and your voice!

Do you attend Shine services? If so, we need your voice and your experience to support research being carried out by our partner programme Headline.

Headline Media Trust Initiative

This is a research initiative that aims to help reduce stigma of severe and enduring mental illness within the media. We want to do this by helping to increase representation of people with severe mental illness in the media. We hope to do that by:

  • Developing guidance that will help journalists and other media professionals engage people with severe / enduring mental illness to tell their story
  • Developing guidance for people with severe/enduring mental illness who are thinking about engaging with the media or organisations who support them
  • The guidance will be a document that people can download from the internet and read to help them better prepare for media engagement

What would your role be in the research?

To share your experiences, as someone who lives with severe and enduring mental illness, who has engaged with / almost engaged with the media. You can advise us on

  1. what your experiences have been, where they went wrong and what could be done better
  2. what journalists/ media professionals need to understand about severe and enduring mental illness  
  3. what would make engaging with the media a positive experience for you or someone living with severe and enduring mental illness

Interview will be by phone at an agreed time that suits the participant, should not take more than 40-50 minutes and it will be conducted by Isabelle of Quality Matters.

Participants time, expertise and contribution to the research will be recognised.

All researchers come from social care background and are trauma informed care trained and have experience working within mental health.

This is voluntary and participants can opt out during the process. All participants can speak to researchers with any concerns or queries before agreeing to participate.

If you wish to take part or have any questions about taking part, please contact the lead researcher, Aoife Dermody on 0877515230