GARMAIN-Europe in partnership with EUFAMI request your input

In 2016 GAMIAN-Europe launched it guide ‘Learning to live with Schizophrenia’ They are now proposes the production and launch a second guide in partnership with EUFAMI.  This is to include:
• Health promotion and prevention addressing risk factors relevant to the lifestyles of people with schizophrenia
• Early detection and treatment of physical diseases associated with people with schizophrenia.

They are looking for your input into the Schizophrenia Companion Guide (Guide II) through the questionnaire below. This second guide aims to focus more on the quality of life of patients and carers. For more information on the project please click here.

To take the survey, please follow this link or copy in your internet browser taskbar. Deadline to participate is 24th July 2020.

Stress Management Tutorials

Sarah Cox and Ann Marie Flanagan from the development team will share a 4 part series of short tutorials based on Stress Managament. The stress managment tutorials will explore what stress is, the stress cycle, unhepful thinking styles and the drama triangle. The development team are available in your local area to explore any of these subjects on a one to one connection for anyone wanting to explore the topics further.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Shine Recovery Fund is currently inviting application for 2020

The purpose of the Shine Recovery Fund is to facilitate a person with self experience of mental ill health to achieve some aim, which may be an educational, recreational or social activity and which may require a small amount of money to help him/ her achieve this purpose.

Applications must be for a recognised project where there is a clear need and benefit from undertaking it. Examples of projects, which might be supported include:

●     part payment or full payment of educational or training course fees.

●     contribution towards the development of a creative or artistic project.

●     contribution towards participation in a recreational activity.

●     contribution towards the purchase of an item which may assist the person in a creative, educational or work activity (excluding the purchase of the following items: mobile phone, games consoles, holidays)

●     contribution to a project which enhances the person’s employment, self-esteem or presence in the community.

Conditions of application:

  • Applications will only be accepted on behalf of individuals who are Shine members or attend any of Shine’s groups or use our services.
  • Applications will only be accepted from the individual seeking and benefiting from the funding applied for. We do not accept applications from organisations or mental health professionals on behalf of individuals.
  • The maximum amount that can be applied for is €500.
  • Application forms must be typed if possible or if not, writing should be legible in block capital letters.

Application form link

Your privacy is important to us and we encourage you to read this statement. It outlines your rights under the current Data Protection Regulation. Link