Shine Cork Spring Groups Calendar

Shine Cork Spring Groups Calendar is now available to download with an exciting selection of FREE group workshops available.

You can download the calendar here.

Wellness Support Group – commencing 10th February

Discovering Recovery – commencing 12th February

Effective Communications – commencing 12th February

Yoga – commencing 12th February

Relaxation Techniques – commencing 25th February

Personal Development – commencing 26th February

Visual Arts – March start date -TBC

To reserve your place, please call 021 4226064

Are we any different?

Written by Denis Michael O’Sullivan

At times I feel giving up 

And I just can’t take no more 

Sometimes I get so tired of fighting 

And if only people knew how I felt 

And the suffering that I have to endure 

If only people understood how I felt 

To be constantly stigmatised 

Then they wouldn’t make a

Joke of it for their  

Own pleasure 

But I realise now 

That giving up

Isn’t a solution 

And life can be 

A hidden treasure 

But I’ll always 

Keep on fighting 

No matter how difficult life can sometimes be 

When all I want is for people 

To treat me with some dignity 

Taking Control Workshop – Cork, January 30th 2020

The Shine ‘Taking Control’ Workshop is a gentle one-day workshop which explores practical ways to face life challenges, whilst maintaining and taking control of your physical and mental wellbeing. The course offers a safe place for people to reassess where they are and where they want to be.

The aims of the Taking Control Workshop are;

• To build resilience in the face of life challenges and setbacks.

• To enhance coping skills.

• To build and support self esteem and confidence.

The programme is about supporting people to draw on the knowledge and skills they already possess to enable them to make it through tough times.

The workshop is split into four modules; Self Esteem and Positivity, My Coping Skills, Signposts and My Support Systems and Being Resilient – Taking Control.

After participating in the course, people will;

· Be aware of positive factors in their lives.

• Recognise the physical, mental and emotional effect of stressors.

• Have action plans to safe guard against these stressors.

• Be aware of opportunities and avenues open to them.

• Know professional supports available to them.

• Have set goals and have created an action plan around these.

The next Taking Control Workshop takes place on Thursday, January 30th 2020, 10am to 4pm, Oak Conference room, Ground Floor, Primary Health Care, Mallow, Co Cork.

Contact: Emily Daly Shine Information and Support Officer 086-8525755

Download the poster here

You Don’t Have To Face It Alone – by Denis O’Sullivan

Baby is there anything that I can do I couldn’t imagine what you’re going through 
I’ll always be here for you  That my sweet love i do  promise you 

Is there any way of knowing how it feels just to be alone  And every time I try to call  you never seem to be at home 

Is it that you don’t want me or do you want to be left alone  And if  life gets too much to carry then I won’t let you face it alone 

Let me to try and help you I know iIt can be difficult at times  And knowing  that you  have to face this on your own  I’ll always  be here by your side 

What I’m trying to say is when life gets too tough  And you have to face this on your own And if  you ever need someone to talk to  Then just call me on the telephone 

Just open your heart and let me love you and I promise I’ll never let you go
When all I want is to be with you and to love you forever more

Shine Counselling Service, Dublin Update

Shine Counselling Service, Dublin will not be available until 16th of January 2020. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will keep you updated via our website and social media channels when it resumes. Phone messages or e-mails to the Dublin Counselling Service will be returned after that date.

Support is available from:

-Shine Regional Information and Support Officer. Contact 086 014 2112

-Shine Dublin Resource Centre. Contact 01 860 1611

Stress Management, Tipperary, Feb-Mar 2020

This course is designed to support the wellbeing and recovery of people affected by mental ill health.

When: Every Thursday for 6 weeks, starting 18th February –
ending 31st March, 11AM – 1pm

Where: Main St, Shesheraghmore, Borrisokane Library, Co.

What to look forward to:
-Understanding Fight, Flight, Freeze Response to Stress
-Stop, Start & Continue in Supporting Positive Change
-Transactional Analysis: Drama Triangle
-Thinking Styles and Mindfulness
-Self-reflection and Gaining Insight
-10 R’s in Developing a Stress Management Plan

Places are limited.

Enquiries and to book a place email:,
call/text 087 7878 222 Ann Marie Flanagan, Mid-West Development Officer

Download the flyer here

Recovery and the Family Education Course, Nenagh

Course Content

  • Relatives’ needs in the Recovery Journey
  • Impact of Mental Health Issues on Family Members
  • Mental Health Services and the Admission Process
  • Supporting Life: Suicide Prevention & Postvention
  • Overcoming Self-stigma
  • Effective Communication in the Recovery Process
  • Relative’s Self-Care in the Recovery Process

Venue:  Loretto House, Nenagh

Course length: 7 weeks

Time: 6:45pm-9pm

Start date: 28th January

RSVP: 17th January 2020

Contact: Ann Marie Flanagan, Shine Mid West Regional Development Officer 087 7878 222

Download the flyer here