Adding in Faith


I walk around town

And feeling dazed

With talk of Stigma

Some day being erased.


For I must strive

And keep moving on

This is Mental illness

I’ve done nothing wrong.


They give me my medicine

But they say there’s no cure,

I sometimes wonder

Should I take them anymore.


Some things I do miss

No fault of my own

My agility and reactions

My body has outgrown.


Filled up with tablets

Which can slow down the brain,

This is a new life

Which I will have to train.


There must be an answer

For the cures of the mind

A progressive development,

For all of mankind.


To a solution to wellness

That I can exist

And the Mental Health Register,

With my name off the list.


Because there is a God

I know this like most

Having been lost in despair,

With my demons and ghosts.


So please have some faith

When all else fails

To keep you composed

And not off the rails


But maybe your beliefs

Can work closely with medication,

Now that seems like a breakthrough,

For the Mental Health Foundation.


– Ged Burns