Green Ribbon Garden BBQ Event

Basement Resource Centre member Denise O Rielly cooking with Development Worker Emily Daly

On Thursday 6th July members and staff of the Basement Resource Centre Shine came together with enthusiasm to host a BBQ in the Green Ribbon Garden on Kyle Street.  The event was a celebration of our community, to thanks the members who work hard in the Green Ribbon Garden and to thank our ongoing supporters.  It was attended by over 60 people including local residents and business owners, members of the Basement, members from the Tralee Phrenz Group and members from The Basin Club in Dublin.  Supporters of Shine were also in attendance including Erin O Brien, Executive Planner with Cork City Council, Tahmina Kazi, Policy and Advocacy Officer with Cork Equal and Sustainable Communities Alliance (CESCA) and Mary Hassett freelance journalist.  We borrowed chairs from St Peters Church on North Main Street so a thank you to the staff for facilitating our needs.

Basement Resource Centre members Sheila McMahon, Frank o Sullivan, Dave Burke and Shirley Healy

We were honoured to have our neighbour Eileen McNamara share food with us and join in the merriment.  Each week Eileen lets us connect up the watering hose to her home and we as a community are very grateful for the ongoing support she gives us.  There would be no garden without Eileen.

Cork Institute of Technology students Michaela O Shea and Stephanie Fogarty who did there collage placements with Shine and Development Worker Bruno Nicolai.

The success of the event was due to the partnership model of practice we operate within the Basement Resource Centre.  Members and staff worked together for many weeks from planning the event, seeking donations of food to cooking the food on the day.  We would like to give special thanks to members Donal Harrington, Michael O Mahoney and Denise O Rielly for their involvement.  It was through their hard work that the day went off so well.  “There was a great sense of achievement andoverwhelming accomplishment to receive donations from local business in support of our community.  Personally it gave me an opportunity to practice skills I have not used in a while and it gave me a renewed confidence in my own abilities to work as part of a team and take ownership for part of the project”

Basin Club members Roisin Fanning, Rory O Connor and Imelda Honohan with Development worker Colette O Connor

All the burgers, sausages and buns were donated by local Cork companies and we would like to wish them well and offer a big thank you on behalf of all who attended the event in support of the Basement Resource Centre Shine.  This event brings together the community.  We are interdependent and supporting each other has seen a growth in social capital.  The cooperation between business and community has led to the development of relationships based on trust, reciprocity and a belief in networking for the betterment of the community.

Basement Resource Centre member PJ Coonyn with Kyle Street resident Eileen McNamara.


Dunne’s Stores                                                        CL Meats

Jim Watkins                                                              The Chicken Inn

O Flynn Gourmet Sausages                                 Tim O Sullivan Butchers

O Connell Butchers                                                O Crualaoi Butcher’s

Brennen’s Bread                                                     Quigley Butchers

Tom Durcan Butchers                                           O’Sullivans Cash & Carry

Bresnans Butchers                                                 Peg Twomeys

Best Butchers                                                          Brackens Bakery

Halo Hairdressers





The Basement Resource Centre in Cork visits Spike Island

Written by Emily Daly
The Basement Resource Centre in Cork recently went on a summer outing to Spike island, Cobh.
I facilitated the outing and 7 of us went for the day, to include 6 members.
The day was thoroughly enjoyable for all, we had a lovely lunch on the quay, ferry ride over to the island, interesting tour of the former prison and a nice cuppa afterwards. Lots of photos were taken and a great day had by all.

Friday Outing to Croke Park

Written by Cecilia Ryan

9 members of The Basin Club went on a tour of Croke Park on Friday 28 th July. We all had a ball of a time. There were lots of people on the tour. We saw 32 jerseys of the different counties, all different colours. The tour allowed us to see all the stadium and we climbed up the steps to the top. It was really high up – I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone afraid of heights.

We all got a chance of holding the cup. It was brilliant. The last team to win the cup was Dublin.


In the café in Croke Park we had a nice lunch. I would go again and I would recommend the tour.