Being- by Eva Burke

Being. One way or another we are all in a state of being. Present. Living in the moment. Spiritual beings in an empty shell. What comes into being with the air that we breathe, the pulse in our body and the thoughts in our heads. We are separate entities each of us. Being makes me think of meditation. We meditate to still the madness. We must follow our own path as beings on this earth and never lose our sense of wonderment. Being means keeping as still as water on a glass lake. Music elevates our sense of being. Food as nourishment keeps us from starving to death and keeps body together as one being. When we connect with another it is as if our fingertips are touching through a glass door. Never able to fully reach out, always a prison one side. Just as the air we breathe is part of who we are we must accept our own lives and travel on as the song by KT Tunstall goes “travel side by side”. In every waking moment we are in a state of constant learning until the slumber of night time takes over. As beings we are attracted to light and nothing can survive without the sunlight and warmth of the sun. As beings we need sunlight and we need water. Still waters run deep. Icy water as cold and sharp as steel. As beings we cannot fly but through meditation can in the mind travel with the imagination. As a being we can set out moods as colours as if its a rainbow. We are emotional, social beings conditioned by society how to be. Rules of the being are live your life, evolve and contribute to society. Beings like humans have memories that times washes away like the shore to the sand. Its as if the sea has its own heartbeat with the waves ebbing and flowing. Every being has energy that is revived with music. Music makes a connection with memories. Writing is a way of the internal self expressing itself. To just be is to still the internal madness.