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2 poems by Denis O’Sullivan

No More Tears

I’ve cried


Ive cried

Till I

Can cry

No More

So heartbroken

And devastated

As I

Watched you

Walk out

That door

And the

Feelings that

I have 

for you

You may

Never know

As you

Left me behind

Was it

Because you

just didn’t

Love me

No more

Oh how

I’ll miss 

not hearing 

that laughter 

That fills 

the air

Or Seeing 

your beautiful Smile 

That lightens

Us all

Or was it

Because you

Just didn’t care

Cause I

Wont shed

A tear

No More

Now since

That it’s over

And we 

can say 

Our final farwell

And move

On with

Our lives

as we 

say goodbye 

And with 

All sincerity

I do

Wish you well


Just Carry 

On without me 

I’m sure 

You’ll find 

Someone else

who would 

treat you

better then

I ever could 

And I 

Know that

I didn’t 

love you 

quiet the 

way that 

i should 

Can you 

Find it 

In your heart 

To forgive me 

One more time

I know 

That we 

Might of 

Said things

That we

might regret 

And I’m

Sure in time 

It’s something 

That we 

Both will forget 

Cause I’ll be yours 

And you’ll be mine

and sometimes

it’s better 

to leave 

those memories behind 

but I’ll

Still love you 

no matter 

what others say

but with you

It seems

To be

The same thing

Over and over again

And I 

Sometimes feel

That I 

Just cannot win

are you 

willing to 

take a chance

or do 

want to 

end our

sweet romance

it’s really 

up to 

you to decide

sure we

might of

said things

that we

might regret

and Im

sure in time

it’s something 

that we 

both will forget 

so when 

you walk 

out that 

door that 

when I’ll

know it’s 

Over for sure

and we

will say 

our goodbyes